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Commissioning Professionals Society

Commissioning Professionals Society is the regulatory authority providing content and structure for the commissioning industry. Recognized worldwide, CPS is defining the future for how megaprojects are successfully integrated into society's most critical infrastructure.


  • Member Companies

  • Strategy, Direction, and Leadership

  • Audit and Compliance


  • Standard Commissioning, Execution, and Planning Strategy

  • Standard Terminology and Acronyms

  • Standard Implementation Controls, Management, and Administration

  • Key Success Factors


  • Industry Specific

    • Oil & Gas

    • Power

    • Water & Wastewater

    • Manufacturing/Processing Facilities

  • Discipline Specific

    • Mechanical

    • Electrical

    • Automation

  • Ever-growing database of common checklists/procedures


  • Individual Certification

    • Governing body to certify individual accreditation​

    • Basic/Advanced/Discipline/Expert Commissioning Principles

  • Corporate Certification

    • Governing body to certify corporations​

    • Management Structure and Process Compliant to CSU Standards

    • Audit Process to Achieve, Maintain and improve Compliance to CSU Standards

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