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Commissioning Professionals Symposium Accelerating Growth Plans with Virtual CPS2020!

This Oct. 2, 2020, Commissioning Professionals Society, the organization focused on bringing the global commissioning industry together around standardization, collaboration, and training, will be taking CPS2020 fully virtual. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, CPS2020 was slated to be held on location in Houston, Texas. With the transition to fully virtual, it opens the global commissioning industry up from every part of the world to participation in all areas including sponsorship, presentations, exhibiting, and attendees. The value participants receive as a result of this transition has increased multi-fold.

“We are really excited about the opportunity to take CPS2020 to a virtual platform,” said Ricky Ehrgott, co-founder of CPS. “When COVID first came into play and we had to postpone CPS2020 back in March, I was personally disappointed because we had such a tremendous amount of momentum and support for the second annual Symposium. But after evaluating the virtual option, it became immediately apparent that we can advance our growth plan for CPS by 5-7 years to a fully global community. It is going to benefit hundreds of thousands of commissioning professionals and individuals interested in becoming a world-class commissioning engineer. I couldn’t be more excited to help bring everyone together through The Commissioning Professionals Society and CPS2020.”

With the benefit of virtual delivery, the second annual Commissioning Professionals Symposium will feature more content for attendees from presenters from around the world, increased exposure for sponsors and exhibitors, and outreach to an audience far greater in size and scope than last year. 


The Commissioning Professionals Society is the only global organization focused on driving standardization and community for the energy industry around the world. Through networking, training, and events, The Commissioning Professionals Society is the quintessential organization for existing commissioning professionals and incoming professionals interested in the commissioning industry who are dedicated to advancing careers, gaining additional industry knowledge, and showcasing experience. For more information including sponsorship and exhibitors, visit or email

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